April 30, 2015

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How to Identify Your Skin Type

The best skin care products for your skin depend on the type of skin that you have. For example, a product may have a different effect on dry skin than on oily skin. In order to select the best skin care products for you, review the descriptions below to identify your skin type.

  • Dry Skin Care

Dry skin is more likely to be irritated and prone to aging and fine lines. Wrinkles and small pores are signs of this skin type, so face masks and moisturizers are great treatments for dry skin. For this type of skin, look for products that have Vitamin C & E such as the Hydr Vital Face Mask by mesoestetic.

  • Oily Skin Care


Oily skin is greasy and shiny, but also can be identified by large pores and acne. This type of skin is less likely to have wrinkles and ages slower. Regular cleansing and not using rich creams is needed. The best type of products for oily skin are ones that clear clogged pores such as the Purifying Face mask by mesoestetic.

  • Combination Skin Care

If you have an oily nose and forehead, but dry cheeks, you have combination skin. This include patches of dry and oily skin so a mix of products are needed for each area. You can treat both types of skin with products by mesoestetic. See which products are available for dry and oliy skin here.

  • Sensitive Skin Care

Symptoms of sensitive skin is red, irritated, and itchy skin. It is tight due to the lack of moisture and tends to breakout in spots, so products without fragrance or harsh treatments are not recommended. Look for products with Aloe Vera to soothe skin such as the Anti-Stress Face Mask by mesoestetic.

April 30, 2015

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Best Products for Dry Skin

How To Treat Dry Skin


Signs of dry skin are itchy, rough skin and redness. Dry skin is caused by dehydration and lack of moisture which leads to fine lines and wrinkles.

Now that Fall is here, symptoms of dry skin are more common due to environmental factors such as dry and cold weather. Other causes are UV rays and using water that is too hot to wash your face.

Best Products for Dry Skin

The best treatment for dry skin is to use products that moisturize the skin and soothes irritaded or red skin. The following recommendations are some of the best products for dry skin made by mesoestetic.

For daily use, a gentle cleanser and toner is recommended to rehydrate the skin. Try the Hydra Milk Cleanser which is a moisturizing cleanser by mesoestetic to bring back a healthy glow. After that, you can use the Hydronic toner to balance and oxygenate the skin. This toner does not include alcohol, so it helps prevent dehydration.

Follow up this daily skin care routine with a face mask that you can use as needed. The Hydra – Vital Face Mask works great for dry skin because it contains Vitamin E & C, which helps replenish water loss to brighten and soften complexion.

To order these and other skin care products by mesoestetic, visit

April 30, 2015

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How To Prevent Wrinkles

Wrinkles are caused over time due to environmental factors, health, and stress. The best way to  it to prevent them in the first place. For this reason, here are some skin care tips on how to prevent wrinkles from forming and early signs of aging. These anti-aging tips are a mix of internal and external factors that affect the skin over time.

how to prevent wrinkles

skin care tips


• Reduce drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes, which causes your skin to become dehydrates and puffy. This also can lead to signs of rosacea like dry and redness in the skin.

• Eat food that is rich in vitamins like C, A, and E. These antioxidants are in fresh, unprocessed foods like fruits, vegetables, and lean meat.

• Exfoliate your skin in order to remove the layer of dry and dead skin. Skin treatments such as glycolic acid peels and face masks will help reveal softer skin.

• Use sunscreen on a daily basis even if it is cloudy or you are in the shade. You can use a mild sunscreen during regular days, but if you are going to be in the sun for a long time use a sunscreen that is SPF 50 that you can reapply throughout the day.

• Sleep on your back to prevent sleep lines becoming in to permanent wrinkles. Over time, they can turn into wrinkles once the skin begins to age.

• Drink a lot of water or green tea. Green tea has a lot of antioxidants and anti-aging benefits while water hydrates the skin and flushes out toxins.

April 30, 2015

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How to Treat Cellulite

Cellullite is common among women of all sizes as almost 95% of women have some form of cellulite. It is common because cellulite is caused by a variety of factors including, diet, exercise, hormones, and metabolism. The best way to treat cellulite is to prevent it, but there are some cellulite products that can reduce cellulite if it already exists.



Cellulite is caused by poor circulation in areas of the body that are inactive. For this reason, the best way to prevent cellulite is to increase circulation by exercising on a regular basis. Another regular habit to include in your health routine is massage as it can loosen the fat cells and improve circulation in order to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Cellulite is common in women who have inactive lifestyles or jobs because sitting at the office all day does not stimulate the circulation of blood in the thighs. Refined and processed foods should also be avoided because they contain sweeteners, additives and chemicals.


If you already have cellulite, try body brushing to reduce the appearance of dimples on the thighs.

Using a dry brush, massage skin with upward strokes towards your heart beginning with your feet.

This will increase blood circulation and help drain the lymphatic system to reduce toxins in the skin. The result of dry brushing is a reduction in the appearance of dimples.

Cellulite products such as firming gels and body sculpting creams are popular and effective.

However, it depends on the ingredients of the product and how often they are applied. For example, it is more effective to have cellulite creams applied during a professional treatment instead of at home. Such professional cellultite treatments can include massage and the use of medical devices with lasers or heat that help the ingredients of cellultite cream penetrate deeper, therefore being more effective.

April 30, 2015

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Products for Rosacea Treatment

Rosacea symptoms are often classified by redness caused by inflamed blood vessels. This redness makes the skin appear blotchy and uneven. Other symptoms include swelling and a bloated look to the face.


Rosacea is also one of the most diagnosed skin conditions because it is often confused with acne.

However, acne treatments target different needs and can even worsen rosacea.

While some causes are health-related such as genetics or stomach bacteria, other causes of rosacea are flareups that can be managed via lifestyle choices.

Though rosacea has no permanent cure, it can be mitigated or made worse by food, environment, or stress. For example, hot drinks, spicy food, and alcohol can increase rosacea symptoms. Some environmental factors to avoid are cold weather and harsh winds. If you don´t have a flare-up, day-to-day choices can help the symptoms or rosacea from returning.

Since rosacea is caused by internal inflammation or heat that appears as redness on the skin, the best way to treat it is by cooling the body inside and out. To cool on the inside, drink plenty of water and avoid hot food and drinks with stimulants such as alcohol and caffeine. Also eat cool, uncooked, and fresh food such as fruits and vegetables instead of fried food.

For external treatment, use cooling face mask, creams, or moisturizers that help soothe the skin. Professional medical skin care treatments such as the meso_peel Azelan also help because they reduce post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. For daily use, it is recommended to use a face mask or face wash with refreshing ingredients and cooling sensation such as the Anti-stress face mask and/or Hydra Milk Cleanser or other mesoestetic products.

April 30, 2015

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Best Skin Care Tips for Oily Skin

Although oily skin is caused by the production of excess oil, the main problem with oily skin is not necessarily the oil. Oil causes dirt and dead skin cells to get trapped in pores and this causes more problems such as acne, black heads, white heads, and clogged pores which are the actual negative results of oily skin.


Therefore the best way to treat oily skin, is to reduce the amount of oil that traps dirt in the pores.

Many think that applying moisturizer to oily skin is not nessecary, when in actuality applying a balanced, oil free moisturizer can help control oil production and regulate the skin. Use a mild cleanser daily that does not dry out skin so that the skin does not over produce oil later in the day and follow cleansing with a pH balanced, oil free moisturizer.

Helpful hint: look for a cream/gel formulation so it feels lightweight on the skin.

Some good habits for oily skin care are:

• Use a gentle astringent or toner which is mild and picks up excess dirt and oil after cleansing

• Use mild exfoliation at least 2 to 3 times per week to remove build up

• Use sunscreens that are not heavy and labeled non-greasy or oil free

• You may be able to use a serum instead of a regular moisturizer to hydrate the skin when needed or only at night

• Try a Salicylic acid peels which is recommended for oily, breakout prone and acne. This will help smooth skin texture and effectively treats hyperkeratosis.

April 10, 2015

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What Is The Best Diet To Prevent Wrinkles?

A skincare routine does not only include skincare products, a healthy diet is also important to compelete a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, the best diet to prevent wrinkles is one rich in antioxidants which helps firght free radicals. 
For example, consuming olive oil is known to help orevent wrinkles by making the skin less dry. This is known as the “Mediterranean Diet” , which hasbeen featured on the news for overall health.  The best way to incorporate olive oil into your diet is to substitute it for butter or vegetable oil in your food preparation. However, olive oil is to be consumed in moderation as the USDA recommends 6 tablespoons a day of oils/fats.
Other foods that help prevent wrinkles are:
  • Blueberries: Prevent long-term cell damage with the powerhouse antioxidants found in blueberries.
  • Kiwi, Guava and Strawberries: Prevent wrinkles and stimulate collagen by snacking on vitamin C-packed strawberries, guava and kiwi.
  • Oysters: These slimy little creatures are choc full of zinc — a major player in skin repair that helps create collagen, which provides the structural support in skin.
  • Tomato Paste: Protect your skin from sun damage by feasting on lycopene-full tomatoes.
  • Wild Salmon: Keep skin soft and supple by adding omega-3 fatty acid-rich wild salmon to your diet 
You also can apply antioxidants to your skin by using skin care products with those ingredients. To find out which skin care products use antioxidants, visit